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Service Plans

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Installation / Service Capabilities

Our service department is fully licensed and insured to perform any repair service or installation. With five technicians on hand, we are positioned to do all of the following:

1.) Simple preventative maintenance and repair service.
2.) Trouble shooting and diagnosing systems to isolate problem areas and make necessary repairs.
3.) Installation of hot water boilers, hot air furnaces, domestic hot water systems, propane systems, and air conditioning systems.
4.) Conversions from oil to gas or vice versa.
5.) Provide free price quotes for any of the above services.

The most basic (yet essential) type of service that we perform is an annual inspection and cleaning of your heating system. The annual inspection and cleaning service can often times identify potential problems that might lead to loss of heat during the winter months. Nuisance furnace shutdowns in the middle of winter may cost hundreds of dollars to repair and will create great discomfort due to lack of heat. The annual inspection and cleaning service will often times eliminate any catastrophic failure during the heating season saving you significant dollars over the course of time.

The annual inspection and cleaning service includes the following:

1.) Test and adjust your oil burner for maximum efficiency.
2.) Clean and check the nozzle assembly and electrodes.
3.) Inspect oil filters, strainers and nozzles as required.
4.) Oil all motors on the burner and circulators if applicable.
5.) Vacuum the furnace and flue pipe and check the chimney at the thimble.
6.) All service performed must take place during normal working hours.

Note: The best time to perform this annual service is from April to August as this is typically an oil company's slow season. If you schedule your annual maintenance during the winter months, chances are greater that you might run into some scheduling conflicts. Please call to schedule your annual maintenance during April to August.

Silver Service Plan

The Silver Plan includes an annual tune-up to increase your system's performance and longevity, with up to two hours of labor for parts covered during normal business hour and priority scheduling. If the service must be performed outside of normal business hours, the labor is billed at our normal standard hourly rate. If any of the parts (listed below) fail during normal business hours, those parts will be replaced free of charge.

  • Burner motor (up to 1/4)
  • Fuel pump strainer
  • Complete cad cell eye
  • Blower pulleys
  • Service switch
  • Nozzle line
  • Air tube
  • Low voltage transformer
  • Standard oil filter
  • Burner fan wheel
  • Single stage fuel pump
  • Electrode assembly
  • Fan limit control
  • Standard air filters (up to 2)
  • Pressure control
  • Delayed oil valve
  • Retention head
  • 1-Zone valve motor
  • Cad cell relay
  • Gauge glass w/nuts & washers
  • Ignition transformer
  • Digital thermostat
  • Single circulator relay
  • Standard smoke pipe (up to 7")
  • Burner coupling
  • Fire valve
  • Nozzle adapter
  • Blower belts
  • 1-Zone Damper motor
  • Burner gasket

Gold Service Plan

The Gold Plan includes everything listed in the Silver Plan plus the additional parts listed below and extended labor coverage. If the parts are covered by the Gold Plan, up to two hours of labor (including nights, weekends, and all holidays) will be covered.

  • Digital programmable thermostats (2)
  • Blower motor (up to 1/2)
  • Blower thrust collars
  • Standard smoke pipe (up to 8")
  • Circulator motor (up to 1/8)
  • Standard switching fan relays
  • Aquastat probes and sensors
  • Limit aquastats
  • Blower shaft
  • Circulator coupling
  • 2-Zone damper motors
  • Barometric damper
  • Alarm modules
  • Triple aquastat
  • Blower bushings (up to 1")
  • 2-Zone valve motors
  • Oil tank gauge
  • Spin on oil filters
  • Ignition leads

Platinum Service Plan

The Platinum Plan is our most extensive plan offered. It covers all the parts mentioned in the Gold and Silver plans plus the parts mentioned below. Should any of the listed parts fail, we will replace those parts free of charge with no limitations on labor. In addition to parts and labor coverage, we also provide additional services included in this plan. See additional service listed below.

  • Air filters all types (1)
  • Automatic feeder/back flow
  • Standard heating circulator (up to 1/7)
  • Low water cut off (or comparable)
  • In line expansion tank (up to # 60)
  • Zone damper panel (up to 2 zones)
  • Standard air scoop (up to 1-1/4)
  • Standard back flow preventer
  • Triadicator gauge
  • 30 pound pressure relief valve
  • Boiler drains (3)
  • Zone switching relay (up to 3 zone)
  • Air vents (UP TO 3 WATER ONLY)
  • Mixing valve (up to 3/4)
  • Blower motor (up to 3/4)
  • 15 pound pressure relief valve
  • 1-Vent alarm
  • Thermal wells

Additional Services:
  • Bleeding radiators (only radiators)
  • Tank readings for closings
  • Oil tank whistle repair
  • $250.00 off any installation over $2,000.00
  • No labor charges on combustion chamber replacement
  • Adjusting boiler pressure or adding water
  • Thermostat battery replacement

Hot Water Heater Agreement
(available with any of the oil heating plans only)

This plan includes an annual tune-up, coverage for a maximum of one (1) hour of labor during normal business hours only. If the service performed during normal business hours exceeds one hour, the additional time will be billed at our standard hourly rate. If the time of service is outside our normal business hours it will be billed at our standard hourly rate. If any of the parts listed below fail during normal business hours they will be replaced free of charge.

  • Burner motor (up to 1/4)
  • Cad cell relay
  • Nozzle line
  • End cone
  • Standard oil filter
  • Service switch
  • Single stage fuel pump
  • Fuel pump strainer
  • Fire valve
  • Nozzle adapter
  • Burner fan
  • Ignition transformer
  • Burner coupling
  • Fire valve hand wheel
  • Burner gasket
  • Burner tube (Beckett Only)

Notes on Service Plans

  • You may request an inspection and cleaning without a Service Plan. Please call or email us for pricing.
  • Due to the number of customers we are servicing, we must rely on you to schedule your annual inspection and cleaning. We strongly suggest that you have this preventative maintenance done from April to August of each year as the colder months are usually booked with emergency calls which take precedence over preventative maintenance services. Simply call or email our office to schedule your service.
  • If your annual inspection and cleaning are not scheduled and/or performed for reasons beyond our control, a refund will not be issued. If however we are at fault, a refund may be awarded.
  • Due to the number of customers we are servicing, we do not have the resources to contact each customer to renew their yearly service agreement. Therefore, all service agreements will be automatically renewed unless you request in writing (an email will do) that it be cancelled. We need to have your cancellation in writing so that there is no misunderstanding of your desire to cancel.
  • The Gold and Platinum Service Plans will cover any emergency service that takes place after hours, on weekends or on holidays if the service required falls within the specifications of the agreement. The Silver Value Protection Agreement will NOT cover the labor cost for any emergency service that takes place after hours, on weekends or on holidays. Such service calls will be billed at the current hourly labor rates. Parts, however, that are listed on the Silver Value Protection Agreement will be covered.
  • Our service plans do not cover pre-existing conditions and/or problems with your system(s) prior to the signing of the agreement.
  • Automatic delivery of your home heating oil by St. Pierre Oil Co., Inc. is required for these plans to be in place. This is required because we need to have control of the quality of oil that is being used in your system. Contaminated oil is the #1 culprit in causing premature failure of heating systems.
  • St. Pierre Oil Co., Inc. does not offer any service plans to maintain an oil storage tank, fill and vent piping, or oil supply lines.

General Conditions

  • Automatic delivery and a 500 gallon minimum of oil is required to purchase any of our service plans.
  • Service plans do not cover any pre-existing conditions. Your heating system must be in good working condition prior to the plan taking affect. Our licensed team of technicians will determine and review the condition of your heating equipment with you.
  • An annual tune-up will be performed once during the term of this agreement, during normal working hours. It is your responsibility to arrange an appointment for this service. Your right to this annual service expires at the end of each covered year. We will not issue any credit if this is not preformed nor will we carry over this right to any following year.
  • Labor is only covered for the repair and replacement of covered parts.
  • This agreement does not cover any special order or obsolete parts which are available through normal purchasing or non-stock items.
  • All of these parts that are listed on this agreement will be replaced with equivalent parts. Any upgrade or changes will be billed accordingly.
  • St. Pierre Oil Co., Inc. has the right to terminate any plan listed on this agreement due to a delinquent account or equipment that is below standard, has not been maintained or that has work done to it by a third party.
  • The customer is responsible for providing a clean work area around the equipment. Damage to personal property in the work area is not covered under this plan.
  • All service plans are transferable if the homeowner sells there home and the new owner remains on auto delivery. Service plans are not refundable.

Our service plans do not cover labor or parts for any of the following:

  • Damage caused by fire, flood, vandalism, storms, power outages, acts of god, terrorism, strikes, embargos, insufficient fuel special order or non-stock parts or any other cause beyond the control of St. Pierre Oil Co., Inc.
  • St. Pierre Oil Co., Inc. will not be responsible for any hazardous material found on the property.
  • Concealed or buried parts that are not accessible.
  • Damage due to pipes freezing. It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor the status of their heating system.
  • Specialty parts such as ECM motors or any part on a non- standard residential burner.
  • Any parts that are obsolete, that have been neglected or misused.
  • Non-Technical repairs such as re-setting circuit breakers, changing fuses, adjusting thermostats or turning on emergency or service switches.
  • Equipment or parts unrelated to your heating or hot water systems such as air conditioning.
  • Problems due to poor ventilation such as inadequate air supply to the burner caused by excessive clutter, dust, dirt, hair or lint in the vicinity of the equipment.
  • If your heating system has been denied fuel due to broken or plugged lines, water or sludge in your oil tank.
  • Any covered parts that have been damaged due to water.
  • Any damage done by frozen or broken pipes of any type.

Service Agreement Remittance Form

Please click on the service agreement remittance form link and print. Check the appropriate box, sign and send back office copy with your payment. All service agreements will be automatically renewed annually. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date. Cancellation of service agreements must be in writing.

Click here for the service agreement remittance form